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Set in everyday language, Making Sense is an adventure into philosophy that brings a coherent view of the interaction between mind, self and world.


With the reintegration of intent – shunned by classical science and philosophy – a description emerges of subjectivity, of freedom and of mind activity reaching beyond the confines of consciousness.


On this journey to the source of being, everyone’s path is unique yet, deeply interconnected, we travel together.



















A fresh look at the philosophy and physics of materiality leads to a surprising conclusion: matter is formed in the mind.


A full description of the act of perception points to the preconscious, creative act of integration that engenders all objects we perceive, as well as objectivity itself. Matter has no substance of its own, and mind, in an out-of-consciousness moment, generates the things we perceive. It is fascinating that, nearly two millennia ago, Plotinus proposed a similar view of the insubstantiality of matter.


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